Monday, August 31, 2009

De-caffeinated. Part 2.

I have passed through the valley, children, and come out on the other side. Here I sit, my hands as steady as they'll ever be wondering what cosmic impact my mortal sacrifice will have on humanity at large.

Don't scoff! The butterfly effect could be worming its way across the globe as I write.

Imagine, if you will: a woman gives up caffeine and begins sleeping well, her creative process ignites!
She sits down to her computer with vim, vigor, and a killer concept and because she has newly found drive and focus, she writes her magnum opus. The work is published and revered by all and sundry, the ideas contained in the book are inspiring to so many that there is a modern renaissance of words and ideas that touch every aspect of humanity.

That or else she's so tired from lack of caffeine, she sits on the couch and watches The Price is Right.

But either way, watch out for the butterfly effect.

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