Saturday, August 29, 2009


Three days with no caffeine. My hands don't really feel like my own, especially the left one. It types a lot slower than the right one, too. There's a lingering headache, and I've got the chills.

I'd jump immediately to the conclusion that I had swine flu if I hadn't been through caffeine withdrawal before. Tonight things are going to get really really bad, but tomorrow will be worse. The last time I got totally decaffeinated, I paced my tiny kitchen for about six straight hours.

So why on earth am I giving up caffeine? Well, cuz I don't sleep well and I'm tired and weird all the time because of it. And I find myself more and more anxious and annoyed.
In fact, I'm pretty darn annoyed right now.

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  1. Noticed you had a blog from NaNoWriMo and thought I would check it out. Lovely bit of insight here, but I can not imagine going cold turkey on caffeine. Hats off to you for the effort though.