Saturday, October 10, 2009

Movie Night

Thank God for flimsy British romance movies.

Tonight's fare was I Capture the Castle, starring Romola Garai, and Henry Thomas of all people. You know, Eliot from E.T.? I suppose it was worth the run time, as Henry Cavill played a lovely little part. The film contained all the requisite sweeping shots of blowing countryside, dramatic score, luscious 1930's costuming and atmosphere, and sparkling dinner parties.

Was the movie over-acted and needlessly misty? You betcha, but that's what's so lovable about it. It is a chick flick without reservation or remorse. Yay, Britain! Yay, Merchant Ivory and all you wannabees! Yay, costume melodramas! Yay, Jane Austen and even more wannabees! Yay, Movies!

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